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Welcome to our audiovisual gallery! Here your fine piece of art becomes a masterpiece with a specif epic soundtrack developed for it by our company! Would you like to expose your work with us? Let’s keep contact!

Mindfulness Music

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The idea was simple: to develop a company that through its products and services generated value for people.

Another requirement would be to use the fundamentals of erudite and popular music, as well as to explore soundtracks and the piano.


Our company offers specific work of specialized soundtracks
Compositions for you!
It consists in making sounds about events, emotions, persons, feelings, dreams and more!


✓One original soundtrack per month
✓You can choose: feeling, context
✓Ebooks and materials



✓Two Originals Soundtracks per month
✓You can choose: feeling, context, genre, rhythm
✓Ebooks and materials



✓Three Originals Soundtracks per month
✓You can choose: feeling, context, genere, rythm, instruments
✓Ebooks and materials
✓Special support