1) Brazilian Baião

The Brazilian Baião reminds us of a joyful, smiling, friendly people with unique swing and gypsies. Despite experiencing various sorts of sorrows the Brazilian people always find a way to move on.

2) Piano in the Garden

The inspiration for the composition of this album came as the author began to imagine what his life would be like at the age of 75, already retired and playing piano in the garden of his house. At that moment what really matters are the simple things of life, the good feelings, the true friendships. A life of simplicity and humility, not a race against the clock.

3) Hope piano music

This album searches through its tracks to convey two very important feelings: hope and overcoming. Based on these feelings it is possible to understand how mankind has been able to accomplish incredible feats over time. Hope is generated because of the motivation to conquer something, to experience something better. As well, the feeling of overcoming is tied to hope.

4) A pianist transiting the world of the arts.

This album was composed with only one purpose: to use music to transit the world of the arts. Thus compositions were created to express feelings based on sculpture, architecture and painting of the nineteenth century.