Why are soundtracks important?

1 – The soundtrack Sets the Rhythm and Creates the Atmosphere

This is a key role of sound in videos. Thus producers, composers, marketers, and video creators use sound, to capture the viewer’s attention, affect the mood of the audience, create a sense of anticipation, and so on.

2 – Soundtrack Changes Our Perception

A soundtrack for the movie perfectly underlines all the necessary moments. For example, if the sound makes the viewer feel afraid, then the video contains disturbing or depressing moments. Conversely, if the screen shows something grand and momentous, creators pick epic and inspiring melodies.

3 – We Remember a Soundtrack Long After Watching

We all know examples of using music in advertising campaigns. This also applies to many popular movies. Do you remember the soundtrack from Interstellar? A well-chosen melody tends to remain in the memory after watching.

Eli Lira

pianist and professor

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